Shipping & Returns

Shipping of goods

1. All products are shipped to addresses located in the Republic of Bulgaria only! Shipping address must be a physical location. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

2.1 The products and services offered in this internet catalog are intended for commercial or professional use. By using the shipping and payment methods available in this catalog, you certify that you will use these products and services for commercial or professional purposes. Payment of products and services is due:

  • when the order is placed, in case of payment with credit or debit cards (electronic payment);
  • at the time of delivery, in case of COD method of payment;
  • at the time the products and services are received, in case of pick-up from an office of VITEH EOOD;

2.2. VITEH EOOD does not accept payment for orders made from this catalog, if they are to be used for purposes different than those listed in 2.1. In case of confirmed orders and payments, not complying with the criteria in 2.1, acknowledged within 3 (three) days of receit of the goods, VITEH EOOD refunds the payment, after deductions for shipping and handling of the products, within 30 days after the products are returned, provided they are unopened and haven't been used. After the above-mentioned  three day period is over or if the goods have signs of use or the original packaging is opened, VITEH EOOD does not refund money or accept return of goods that do not coply with the criteria in 2.1. The minimum shipping and handling fee applied in case of return of goods is 10% of the original amount of the goods.

3. The delivery time for orders from our internet catalog is between 3 and 10 business days depending on the type of ordered products and the chosen delivery method. VITEH EOOD will use reasonable commercial effort to ship your order on the same business day after the order is placed, if the order is received before 10 AM, or on the next business day, if the order is received after 10 AM, unless stated otherwise within the product description.

4. All orders are subject to product availability.Products marked as “0 Units in stock” are not available in the warehouse but they can still be bought and shipped with possible delays in the delivery. If there is any problem with shipping your product in the stated time, we will attempt to notify you and let you know when you can expect your shipment. At that time you will have the option to cancel your order. You must provide a valid email address оr telephone number on your order for us to contact you about shipping delays or backorder status.

5. If your order is placed on backorder, we will still send it via the shipping method you originally specified, unless you notify us otherwise. You can also or login to Your Account and review your order(s) status online.

6. If you cannot be found on the stated address within the time specified for delivery, or there is no access or conditions for delivery of the goods in this period, the order will be deemed declined by you and VITEH EOOD will not be responsible for delivering the requested order. All costs related to re-entering the warehouse of VITEH EOOD in the amount of at least 10% of the value of the order, as well as the transport costs of sending and receiving back the goods are at the expense of the customer.

7. In case you confirm your desire to receive the order after you could not be found within the delivery time, you are responsible for the new delivery charges.

Claims and returns

8. By ordering from our internet catalog, you agree with the Conditions of use applicable to all orders. You have the right to decline the products ordered by you at the time of delivery in the following circumstances:

  • the products delivered to you are obviously different from the ones ordered by you and this is easily determined by a simple external inspection of the products;
  • if the delivery time specified in the order confirmation by VITEH EOOD is not met;
  • if the products or the packaging is damaged during transportation;

9. Claims under the abovementioned circumstances shall be made only at the time of delivery. In such cases, a written statement shall be prepared and if you decline to sign it, your claim will be dismissed and you will be liable for all charges incurred as a result. In all other circumstances, your claim will be dismissed and you will be liable for all charges incurred by VITEH EOOD as a result of your refusal.

10. You have the right to return products after delivery and refund of the price in the following circumstances:

  • if the product have considerable defect or discrepancy, which couldn’t have been determined under simple inspection of the product at the time of delivery;
  • if, during the use of the product, it shows a considerable defect, which makes the product unfit for its intended purpose;

11. The time limits for claims under paragraph 1 and 2 of the above article is 24 hours after delivery of the product, provided the product is unopened and hasn’t been used. All shipping and handling fees including the cost of returning the goods are at the customer's expense.

12. If there is an applicable manufacturer warranty and you have the original receipt and warranty card, you can address your claims to VITEH EOOD.

13. If there is discrepancy between the ordered and delivered product which couldn’t have been determined at the time of delivery, but not later than 3 days from the delivery date, the product will be exchanged within 5 business days after you submit your claim and an inspection has been made by VITEH EOOD.

14. At the discretion of VITEH EOOD, warranty service may be denied to customers who have overdue amounts, including late payment interest.

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