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Price: 630.00 лв.

OVERVIEW This is one of the most advanced, affordable, and reliable precision flow meter designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, and water ... more info


The non-foaming whirlpool scents contain natural and nature-identical components of essential oils and are suitable for all types of bubble baths. ... more info
Spa shade wit LED light


Price: 2997.60 лв.

This stylish Cameo color spa shade features LED lighting and is capable of 360° rotation. Due to its shape and design, it is ideal for use on ... more info

Price: 117840.00 лв.

"The beauty of stainless steel is eternal" Stainless steel pools are a combination of elegance, durability and the highest quality ... more info

Price: 3108.00 лв.

With its beautiful black outer enclosure and endcaps - the new Helo HS/HSP steam generators are as attractive as they are functional. HS/HSP steam ... more info

Price: 6.72 лв.

Himalayan salt bricks with smooth walls or with one natural side. Used to build interior walls or floors in saunas, salt rooms, spas, around ... more info
Turtle Himalayan Salt Lamp


Price: 84.00 лв.

Lighting is the most integral part of any interior space. The right lighting makes even the modest of space look bigger and classy. It adds elegance, ... more info
Gecko control system


Price: 1064.00 лв.

The Gecko control systems deliver optimal performance and total control of your spa. These control systems are designed to fit in perfectly and ... more info

Price: 112.80 лв.

Impeller for swimming pool pump Victoria Plus. From 1HP to 3HP.

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High-resistance projector, made of stainless steel. It is ideal for ornamental fountains and water jets. It should be installed completely submerged ... more info
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