New Products

Gecko control system


Price: 1064.00 лв.

The Gecko control systems deliver optimal performance and total control of your spa. These control systems are designed to fit in perfectly and ... more info

Price: 112.80 лв.

Impeller for swimming pool pump Victoria Plus. From 1HP to 3HP.

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High-resistance projector, made of stainless steel. It is ideal for ornamental fountains and water jets. It should be installed completely submerged ... more info
Volcano nozzle


Price: 280.00 лв.

Volcano nozzle produces a set of parabolic jets reaching different heights and lengths, achieving a nice and visible water effect. They are entirely ... more info

Price: 319.20 лв.

Cascade Nozzle is a classical jet that mixes water and air creating a solid, conic column of water visible from any direction. Furthermore it ... more info

Price: 331.20 лв.

Champagne Nozzle produces a very sparkling and consistent jet. The ornamental effect doesn’t depend on the water level and it’s very wind ... more info
Water treadmill


Price: 4312.00 лв.

This treadmill is especially suitable for aqua jogging. It allows a work almost weightless with gentle movements, controlled and without impact to ... more info
Water trampoline TR1


Price: 2352.00 лв.

The trampoline TR1 is ideal for the work of balance and coordination. It promotes the work of the muscles in depth (thanks to the resistance of the ... more info
Aquabike V4


Price: 4634.40 лв.

Enjoy the benefits of water fitness with this family aquabike. Thanks to the wide range of settings, it can be used by the whole family : adjustment ... more info

Price: 1045.20 лв.

Membrane dosing pump. The PTM series, featuring all-new power supply technology available from 90 V ac up to 265 V ac and 50-60 Hz, guarantees ... more info
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