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Price: 186.00 лв.

6-way selector valve for filtering, backwashing, rinsing, recirculating,  emptying and closing operations.
(image for) Abachi headrest for sauna


Price: 48.00 лв.

Triplochiton scleroxylon is a tropical tree native to Africa. The tree is known as Abachi. The colour of the wood varies from creamy white to pale ... more info

Price: 663.73 лв.

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Waterfall manufactured in ABS. Made to resist pool water corrosion. Operates with pool filtration return circuit or with a designated pump. A Q HP ... more info

Price: 72.00 лв.

Active oxygen is used for water disinfection in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is especially suitable for water with temperature above 30 ... more info
The dimensions are in the form: external diameter - internal diameter X thread size in inches, D - d X G". The D dimension is approximate ... more info
(image for) Adjustable hydrotherapy jet - 2 1/2"

The ratio water/air can be adjusted. 50 mm diameter water inlet and 32 mm diameter air inlet. Flow: 2.2 m3/hour. Pressure of 0.8 atm. The outside ... more info

Price: 624.00 лв.

Technical data New blower for whirlpool bath applications. Available with different options with several modular accessories, all in the same overall ... more info
(image for) Air controller


Price: 94.80 лв.

Silent air controller. The body is made of UV resistant white ABS.
(image for) Air controller - 1"


Price: 25.20 лв.

Used for hydromassage control. Controls the amount of air going to the Venturi system of the hydrotherapy jets. Made of white ABS resistant to UV ... more info
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