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Slowly dissolving, granular substance used for swimming pool and spa water disinfection and prevention of algae growth. Resistant to UV rays due to the stabilizer specifically added for that purpose, which significantly reduces the amount of chemicals added to the pool water. Active chlorine content is 90%. It is recommended for continuous treatment of the pool water as its relative active chlorine contents is higher compared to the one found in the Dichlor - the other stabilized chemical used for pool and spa water disinfection. It has a pH of 3, which means that adding Trichlor will slightly reduce the pH level of the water. This is especially beneficial in areas where the supply water has higher than normal pH as it will reduce the need to add pH reducer chemicals.

Dosing and application:

1. For initial treatment of the water at the start of the season or in case of shock chlorination/presence of algae: 40-70 g for every 10 cub.m. of pool water.
2. For continuous treatment of pool and spa water: 20-30 g for every 10 cub.m. of pool water every day or every two days depending on the weather and the pool use.
When adding to the water, simply pour it out directly into the pool or spa water. Keep the free chlorine level between 2 and 3 mg/l (ppm). In hot weather the level should be kept higher.

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