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The JAG-S plate and shell heat exchanger represents a new, revolutionary solution, ensuring not only increased flow turbulence, but also extensive heat exchange area. The shell and plate heat exchangers, as an alternative to shell and tube exchangers, are perfect for working at high pressure (up to 100 bar) and high temperature (up to 450˚C). The design of the new JAG-S allowed for more compact, lighter, and above all more efficient exchanger, perfectly adjusting to individual requirements. The special shape of heating plates and the use of innovative JAG corrugation pattern resulted in high thermal effectiveness, while maintaining low flow resistance.

The new “jagged” channel design creates a more turbulent flow, which improves heat exchange and also decreases sediment accumulation. The additional benefit is an extensive heat exchange area and decreased overall pressure drops. Highly efficient JAG-S plate and shell heat exchangers provide a reliable solution for applications requiring high working pressure. They serve as evaporators or condensers in refrigeration, as oil coolers or heaters, and in CIP cleaning systems. They are perfect for steam heating or condensing processes. The exchangers made of stainless steel, Hastelloy or Incolloy superalloys may also work with aggressive media.

- Refrigeration industry as evaporators and condensers
- Systems with aggresive media
- Suitable for chemical processes
- Oil coolers and heaters
- Fuel oil heaters
- Industrial cooling and heating systems
- Vapour condensation
- CIP (Clean-in-place) systems
- Gas heaters and coolers

Technical data:

Model Plate side Shell side Max. heat
Max. size of
  DN mm DN mm m2
JR-03H DN25 132 DN80 219,1 3
JR-03L DN25 132 DN80 219,1 3
JR-07H DN50 208 DN150 323,9 13
JR-07L DN50 208 DN150 457,2 13
JR-13H DN80 286 DN200 457,2 37
JR-13L DN80 286 DN200 457,2 36
JR-20H DN100 410 DN300 609,6 83
JR-20L DN100 410 DN300 DN300 80

• Heating plates material
- stainless steel 316L ⁄ 1.4404, 304L ⁄ 1.4307
- Incoloy
- Hastelloy
- other upon request
• Shell material
- carbon steel, various colours available upon request, standard corrosion class c3, higher classes up to c5 possible
- stainless steel 316L ⁄ 1.4404, 304L ⁄ 1.4307
- incoloy
- hastelloy
- other upon request
• Brazing material
- copper
- stainless brazing
• Single and multi-pass flows
• Technical parameters
- min. pressure - 1 bar
- max. pressure 16, 25, 40, 60, 100 bar (60, 100 bar non openable shell only)
- max. temperature 200˚C, 250˚C, 300˚C , 450˚C
- min. temperature -50˚C
• Standard – ped 2014/68/EU or ASME SEC VIII, Div.1
• Plate thickness:0,6 – 1,0 mm
• Accessories
- insulation
- counter flanges
 - extended legs
- earthing lugs

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