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JAG F plate and frame heat exchangers are a new, revolutionary solution, ensuring not only increased flow turbulence, but also extensive heat exchange surface. Innovative JAG heating plate corrugations pattern, the result of 6 years of work on product development, allows for more compact, lighter, and above all more efficient exchanger, perfectly adjusting to individual requirements. The new “jagged” channel design increases flow turbulence, which improves heat exchange and also decreases sediment accumulation.

The additional benefit is an extensive heat exchange surface and decreased overall pressure drops. JAG F plate heat exchanger also features a range of technical solutions for the frame construction that make the highly efficient JAG F plate heat exchanger a reliable solution in many applications.


  • High thermal performance thanks to innovative heating plate corrugations pattern
  • Technical solutions facilitating the exchanger installation and operation
  • Option to adjust the exchanger design to the required installation operating parameters by selecting proper number and size of the heating plates
  • Heating plates made of stainless steel or titanium to be used in aggressive media systems or pools with salt water
  • Dismountable design – allows for cleaning and extension, if necessary
  • Made of stainless steel (optional)


JAG Max. heat
transfer area of
the exchanger
Connection Max. flow
  m2   m3/h
JFA-003 2,7 5/4" 15
JFA-006 5,4 5/4" 15
JFA-009 8,1 5/4" 15
JFB-010 15 2" 45
JFB-015 22,5 2" 45
JFB-025 37,5 2" 45
JFC-015 27 DN80 110
JFC-025 45 DN80 110
JFC-035 63 DN80 110
JFD-030 153 DN100 170
JFD-060 306 DN100 170
JFE-045 230 DN150 380
JFE-065 429 DN150 380
JFE-085 561 DN150 380
JFE-115 759 DN150 380
JFG-100 686 DN250 1050
JFG-150 1029 DN250 1050
JFG-200 1372 DN250 1050
JFH-150 1244 DN350 1740
JFH-200 1737 DN350 1740
JFH-250 2066 DN350 1740
  • Heating plates material
    — Stainless steel 316L/1.4404, 304L/1.4307
    — Titanium
    — Other upon request
  • Front and rear plate
    — Carbon steel
    — Various colours available upon request
    — Standard corrosion Class C3
    — Classes up to C5 possible
  • Gasket material
    — EPDM
    — NBR
    — FKM (VITON)
  • Sanitary standard
    — Front and rear plates made of stainless steel 304L or 316L, special easy-cleaning hygienic shape
    — Hygienic connections – DIN 11851
    — Special feet with small footprint
  • Technical parameters
    — Max. pressure 6, 10, 16, 25, 30 b a r
    — Max. temperature 170˚C
    — Min. Temperature -20˚C
  • Standard – PED 2014/68/EU, or ASME SEC VIII, Div. 1


  • Drip tray - Its main function is to collect any condensates formed on the outside of the plates pack.
  • Insulation - Mineral wool covered with aluminium (AMWI) or polyurethane foam covered with aluminium (APFI).
  • Protection sheet - Covers sides of the heating plates pack. Its role is to protect the surroundings of the exchanger from any sudden leak of hot or toxic media.
  • Connection bolts - Allow mounting the flange connection to the cover plate.
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