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✓ Complete water treatment system through hydrolysis and ionization.
✓ Disinfection of water and oxidation of organic elements through hydroxide ions.
✓ Residual ionization of copper for the optimization of the disinfection process (algaecide effect and water clarification).
✓ Automatic operating: automatic adjustment of pH, redox, chlorine, water temperature, recirculation pump and all programmed outputs.
✓ Manual operating: manual adjustment of all functions.
✓ Winter function (NOFROST): automatic activation of the recirculation pump to prevent the formation of ice.
✓ Instant display of the pH value (0 ÷ 14 pH), Redox (0 ÷ 1000 mV), chlorine (0 ÷ 20 ppm), temperature (° C / ° F), detected through the various configurable probes.
✓ mA outputs: up to 2 mA outputs fully programmable on the 0/4 ÷ 20 mA range useful for managing mA pumps.
✓ Programmable powered outputs: a total of 5 programmable powered outputs.
✓ Programmable dry relay outputs: 5 programmable relay outputs (voltage free contact).
✓ Alarms: greater safety thanks to numerous automatic alarms on all controlled parameters.
✓ Alarm email: automatic sending of emails to the desired addresses in case of an alarm.
✓ 3 protected programming levels (password): user (free access) for basic settings, expert (password) to access more complex settings and installer (changeable password) to access device configurations.
✓ Recirculation pump management / control: automatic adjustment of the filtration pump (management of filtering hours based on the water temperature or based on pre-set programs). Operating status check.
✓ Pool cover detection function.
✓ Lighting management: programmable switching ON/ OFF for pool lighting.
✓ History of the measurements of the previous months.
✓ Geo localization: useful function for the installer to locate the customer more quickly.
✓ Multi-language menu: operating system available in various languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian).
✓ Quick installation user manual: quick installation guide. Complete user manual available online.
✓ Help on device: quick explanation of each function within the menu.
✓ Flow sensor: automatic alarm that alerts and disables all outlets in case of no water flow in the pipes.
✓ Level probe predisposition: automatic alarm that warns in case of exhaustion of the chemical product in the tank.
✓ Predisposition for anti-limescale system: ecological anti-limescale system using magnetic fields.
✓ Wifi / ethernet connection: communication with the server to manage information on the pooltec-pro platform.
✓ Web control: server for managing records, communications, and updates.
✓ Android / iOS app: via the Android / iOS app it is possible to remotely control all the parameters and alarms of the pool.
✓ Display touchscreen 10’’.
✓ Easy access to the connection compartment: easy opening with practical locking system.
✓ Power Supply 100÷240 Vac 50 Hz.
✓ Power cable with Schuko plug.
✓ ABS body: maximum compatibility with common chemical products.
✓ Protection IP 65.
✓ 100 % Made in Italy.
✓ In compliance with CE regulations.

✓ Preparation for reading and control of redox dosage.
✓ Preparation for reading and control of chlorine dosage through amperometric or potentiostatic cell.
✓ 1 - 2 0/4 ÷ 20 mA outputs.

Hydrolysis (titanium electrode) - ✓
Ionization (copper electrode) - Optional
pH dosage reading and control - ✓
Redox dosage reading and control - Optional
Chlorine dosage reading and control through amperometric / potentiostatic cell - Optional
Up to 2 mA outputs - Optional
5 relay outputs - ✓
5 powered outputs - ✓
Flow sensor signal input - ✓
Level probe signal input - ✓
Descaling system output - ✓
Heat pump management and control - ✓
Management and control of the recirculation pump - ✓

Models 20 50 80 125 175 400
Pool volume
20 50 80 125 175 400
Number of cell plates 4 5 6 7 8 12÷16
Current [A] 5 6 8 10 12 12
pH pump MP2-B 0,1 l/h MP2-B 1,5 l/h MP2-B 1,5 l/h MP2-B 1,5 l/h MP2-B 1,5 l/h -----
Cl pump (Configuration should be requested when ordering) MP2-B 0,2 l/h MP2-B 3 l/h MP2-B 3 l/h MP2-B 3 l/h MP2-B 3 l/h -----

In the box:

  1. Control panel wi-fi ready
      Control panel
  2. Chamber
  3. Kit pH - MP2-B pump, pH probe, buffer solution temperature probe, pipes, bottom filter, injection valve
      Kit pH
  4. Titanium electrode
      Titanium electrode
  5. Copper electrode*
      Copper electrode

*Only for the models: 50, 80, 125

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