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Mini-Tester for the measurement of pH and Active Oxygen (O2). Includes 20 pH Tablets and 20 DPD No.4 Tablets.

1. Remove the lid and rinse out the compartments with the swimming pool water to be tested.
2. Fill all compartments to the top with the swimming pool water to be analysed. This is conveniently done by scooping up water from 20 cm below the surface.
3. Add one PHENOL RED tablet to the left hand compartment by tearing open the foil strip without touching the tablets with your fingers.
4. Add one DPD No. 4-tablet to the right hand compartment by tearing open the foil strip without touching the tablet with your fingers.
5. Put the lid of the Oxygen O2-TESTER.
6. The tablets will quickly disintegrate. Invert the Oxygen O2-TESTER several times to mix the contents thoroughly.
7. Take the readings by holding the Oxygen O2-TESTER towards natural daylight. Select the nearest color match against the color standards and read off the corresponding values.
8. The value on the left is the pH value. The ideal range is between pH 7.0 and pH 7.4.
9. The value on the right is the concentration of Oxygen O2 (mg/l). The ideal range is between 3.0 and 8.0 mg/l. Take a reading between 1 and 2 hours after adding the oxygen product. The oxygen level should be at least 8 mg/l.

– Do not carry out the measurement until the chemical has dissolved completely in the swimming pool water and is thoroughly distributed (after 1 - 2 hours : see the manufacturer‘s instructions). The content of the specified oxygen product should be at least 8 mg/l at the specified time. It is not possible to obtain an accurate reading at a later stage, because the oxygen content falls continuously.
– Touching the tablets with your fingers can lead to inaccurate results.
– The color matching must be carried out immediately after the reagent tablets have dissolved.
– After each measurement the Oxygen O2-TESTER and lid should be thoroughly rinsed out to prevent errors by cross contamination.
– pH values below 6.8 also produce a yellow coloration, so a reading of 6.8 may be incorrect. pH values above 8.2 also produce a red coloration, so a reading of 8.2 may be incorrect.
– Water samples with low values of Total Alkalinity may give wrong pH readings.

The reagent tablets are only to be used for chemical analysis.
They must not be used for any other purpose. Keep out of reach of children.

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