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Active oxygen is used for water disinfection in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is especially suitable for water with temperature above 30 degrees Celsius, for use in hot tubs because of the lack of smell as well as in pools used by children or people allergic to chlorine. The chemical can be used for both hard and soft waters. It is recommended to control the level of active oxygen with Tester for pH and oxygen.
Advantages of Active oxygen disinfection:

Non-chlorinated product. Water treated using active oxygen does not cause unpleasant odours or irritated eyes nor does it dry the skin or hair. It does not combine with organic nitrogen or form chloramines (combined chlorine), which irritate the eyes.

Recommended use: Initial treatment: place 2 tablets in the skimmer  per 10 m3 of water.
Maintenance treatment: place 1 tablet in the skimmer per 10 m3 of water once a week.

Packaging - 1kg, 6 kg.

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