Ceramic pot for sauna aroma infusion



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A constant supply of water (if desired mixed with fragrance) to the hot volcanic stones creates a pleasant sauna climate with constantly increased humidity. Vessel made of ceramic, colorless glazed inside. Supplied with ceiling hook and 1.0 m stainless steel hanging chain.

For mounting directly above the sauna heater.

Content max.: 400 ml
Dimensions ceramic pot: Ø 115 mm
Height: 82 mm
Weight about: 550 g

Instructions for installation and use:

I. Assembly:
- Screw the enclosed knob on the screwing lower part installed at the aroma/infusion pot and pay attention to the fact that the white sealing ring sits on the lower part.
- Adjust the desired drip-rate for the infusion before assembly in the sauna cabin (e.g. above a sink) using the fulcrum shaft. Do not adjust to a drip-speed which is too quick, so that the sauna stones can still vaporize the infusion. A drip-rate which is set too quickly will cool the sauna stones down too much and the infusion will not vaporize sufficiently. Adjustment of the flow rate above the hot sauna oven is not recommendable because of the production of heat on the fulcrum shaft! Burn hazard!
- The fulcrum shaft is to be completely turned off if the aroma/infusion pot is to be used in rooms where no infusion-flow is desired (e.g. in infra-red cabins).
- Hang the aroma/infusion pot up using the en closed ceiling hooks directly above the filled stone vessel of the sauna oven. The distance between the aroma/infusion pot and the sauna stones should be at least 50 cm. The sauna oven's stone holder should be filled according to the regulations to ensure a good vaporization of the infusion which pours out.

II. Use:
- Fill the aroma/infusion pot with a ladle once the sauna oven has reached its sauna temperature. You can use infusion concentrates mixed with water (pay attention to the mix ratio according to the manufacturer) or clear water.
- Before leaving the sauna, it is advisable to turn off the sauna oven once the remaining contents of the aroma/infusion pot have dropped onto the infusion stones (leave plenty of time for refilling before leaving the sauna), otherwise the sauna oven or rather the infusion stones can no longer vaporize the quantity of water and the infusion runs through to the ground without being vaporized.
- The remaining liquid should be poured away into the sink/shower/toilet after the aroma/infusion pot has cooled down. Otherwise the components of the infusion concentrate will set onto the ceramic pot.

III. Safety recommendations:
- Do not touch the fulcrum shaft and the aroma/infusion pot while they are hot.
- Adhere to the mixing ratio of infusion concentrate to water set out by the manufacturer of the infusion and pay attention to the restrictions and warning tips.
- Do not store infusion concentrates in the hot sauna.
- Do not let children near the aroma/infusion pot while it is being used.

IV. Cleaning:
- Clean the vessel regularly.

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