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The non-foaming whirlpool scents contain natural and nature-identical components of essential oils and are suitable for all types of bubble baths. Makes bathing in the whirlpool or bubble bath even more pleasant.

- with natural and / or nature-identical components of essential oils
- have an invigorating and refreshing effect
- concentrate
- not foaming
- Professional quality

Application: 1 cap (approx. 10-20 ml) / 200 liters of bathing water
Package content: 250 ml

Note: The personal sense of smell differs from person to person. Furthermore, it should be noted that a scent in the interior always stays in the air longer than outdoors, and of course, when scenting the bath water, one must assume that with increasing amount of bath water, more of the product must be dosed accordingly. So while a few drops of the fragrance oil may be sufficient for scenting a 190L whirlpool bath indoors, it cannot be ruled out that half a bottle of the same product is needed for a reasonably comparable result with a 1900L outdoor whirlpool. Basically, it is therefore advisable to use a correspondingly higher-dose concentrate, especially for outdoor whirlpools, for larger or outdoor whirlpools.

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