Water treadmill



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This treadmill is especially suitable for aqua jogging. It allows a work almost weightless with gentle movements, controlled and without impact to gently solicit the muscles of the lower body.

· Colors - White, Gray aluminum, Slate gray, Glass of water, Sky blue, Light blue, Yellow, Pink, Red

· Materials:
- Made of Marine Grade Aluminum;
- Non-Slip drive belt, guided on aluminum rollers;
- Stainless steel sealed bearings A4;

· Strengths:
- Comes with 3 bars. The position is your choice : 2 side bars or 1 front bar. Easy installation;
- Easy adjustment of the tension of the belt by 2 tensioners;

· Weight with one front bar: 35,00 Kg

· Weight with two sidebars: 36,80 Kg

· Weight of a bar - 1,80 Kg

· Dimensions (L x W in cm) of Carpet: 130 x 80

· Training band (L x W in cm): 110 x 56

· Surface area (L x W in cm): 70 x 56

· Size of the bars (L x W in cm): 75 x 75

· Percentage of elevation: 2% to 17%

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