Aquabike V4



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Enjoy the benefits of water fitness with this family aquabike. Thanks to the wide range of settings, it can be used by the whole family : adjustment of seat height, handlebars and overall height.

· Advantages - Ideal for sports clubs and intense sports use. Ideal also for the whole family thanks to its numerous settings.

· Colors - White, Gray aluminum, Slate gray, Glass of water, Sky blue, Light blue, Yellow, Pink, Red

· Materials:
- Frame, Handlebar, Pedalboard: Marine Grade Aluminum - 6000 Series;
- Nuts and bolts: Stainless A4;
- Blades: Anatomical pedal with foot arch (for pedaling barefoot) in neoprene with clip-on strap;
- Two-component epoxy paint, high resistance to salt and chlorine (controlled pH)

· Strengths:

· Recommended water height - 1,10 m

· Weight - 13,9 Kg

· Maximum water height - 1,60 m

· Settings:
- Saddle height adjustable by MTB collar, quick release
- Overall height adjustment
- Adjustable handlebar

· Pedal resistance system - Mechanical brake

· Intensity of pedaling - Resistance to variable pedaling during exercise by braked disc

· Ground clearance (height of the crank axle) - from 38,5 to 48 cm

· Floor space - 66 cm

· Coatings protection - Standard suction cups, compatible with all coatings.


Aquabiking: a sport for all with multiple virtues

Combining the benefits of the exercise bike with those of water aerobics, aquabiking (or aquacycling) is an excellent sport to keep you fit, sculpt your legs and refine your figure. The water bike is practiced in swimming pool on ergonomic device, specially designed for this sport.
Gentle for the joints, the aquabiking uses the resistance of the water and combines the cardio-vascular virtues of the pedaling with those of the constant massage of the water which favors the venous return and the lymphatic drainage. It effectively fights against heavy leg sensation, water retention and cellulite.
Aquabiking is a fitness technique accessible to everyone. It is suitable for experienced athletes as well as for people who want to resume physical activity, overweight or convalescent people, pregnant women and seniors.

Maximum results for a minimum of effort

This sport allows to develop endurance and cardiovascular capacities. A session of 30 minutes makes it possible to work the muscles of the legs (thighs, calves, buttocks) but also the abdominals and the back muscles. Practiced in the water on an aqua-bike, the exercise is pleasant, much softer than that practiced on a bike indoor or outdoors.
The resistance setting allows everyone to manage their effort according to their physical condition or the objectives to be attained: regain their shape, lose weight, tone up, remaster, remodel, or just feel good, relaxed and in a good mood !

Recommended in balneotherapy: gentle rehabilitation

Joint lapping: Work on the aquabike is slow, without speed or resistance being too important (pathologies of the hip, knee, ankles and lower limbs, operated back).
In muscle building: pedaling very quickly, taking off the buttocks of the saddle, or on a slightly increasing rhythm for a longer duration.

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