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Membrane dosing pump. The PTM series, featuring all-new power supply technology available from 90 V ac up to 265 V ac and 50-60 Hz, guarantees unprecedented dosing precision and adaptability. Many more functions are now integrated, thanks to the ease of programming, the alpha-numeric display, the multi-language menu programming options and the new technology which allows pool owners to fully control the flow rate and counter-pressure levels, permitting solutions to a wide range of dosing requirements with a single pump, without the need to sacrifice dosing accuracy.

Pump models:
B-type pump of 7-10 bar and 5 l / h
C-type pump of 5 bar and 10 l / h
D-type pump of 5 bar and 20 l / h

PTM-P proportional and volumetric digital dosing pumps provide all the functions of proportional dosing in a single model.
Available functions:
• Proportional with analog signals 4 - 20mA
• Proportional with digital signals and the possibility of:
- Multiplying the input impulses (1:n)
- Dividing the input impulses (n:1)
- Function in ppm
• The pump has a memory function for processing input impulses during dosing
• Level alarm with pump disconnection or simple warning of lack of product by means of the alarm relay.
• Maximum dosing pump flow rate for preventing overdosing.
• Password for protecting programmed data
• Available alarms
• 90-265 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply.

Materials in contact with the liquid:
(Other materials are available if custom made.)
Acid-resistant housing.
Moisture-resistant membrane buttons.

Dimensions: 237,5 x 233,5 x 109 mm
Protection class: IP5.

Performance curves:
Performance curve of the pumps

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