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Specially selected exclusive wood from the northern polar areas. Almost knot-free, with even and warm looking structure. This wood is used as paneling for prestigious luxury sauna cabins.

Thermo Pine is a timber that is heat treated to considerably improve the properties of wood and open new areas of application of this material. Heat treatment process brings natural changes in wood cells when the material is exposed to hot supersaturated vapor with temperature of up to 240°C and pressure of 0.1–0.2 MPa. The result is a pure, environmentally friendly, solid wood with a wide range of colors. This type of wood is very durable and long-lasting. When used for sauna paneling, it gives the interior a sophisticated look supplemented with a pleasant smell.

Price for 1 board.
Board profile: STP4

Board profiles:
Board profiles

Model A:
• Thickness - 19 mm
• Width - 117 mm
• Length - 2100 mm
• Effective width - 107 mm

For the coating of 1 linear m, 9.5 boards are necessary.

Model B:
• Thickness - 19 mm
• Width - 140 mm
• Length - 2400 mm
• Effective width - 130 mm

For the coating of 1 linear m, 8 boards are necessary.

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