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Hemlock is a coniferous tree of the pine family (Pinaceae). It is mainly North American and East Asian tree, most commonly called Canadian hemlock. The barrel has deep-flap and flaking bark. The tree loves moisture and light. Its wood is durable and resistant to various changes in the external environment. Its color can be from light gray to light brown. The age of the hemlock can reach 800 years. Hemlock wood is often used to finish the facades of buildings and interiors, because, thanks to its durability, it retains its excellent appearance for a long time. Hemlock is also used to create interior items, doors, decoration of walls and ceilings, and to create parquet. The wood material holds nails perfectly, it is quite resistant, easily glued, painted and varnished. Hemlock density is 490 kg / m3.It is an excellent material for saunas! Hemlock wood has a pleasant smell of pine needles and does not emit tar, and this is really important for saunas and baths. Hemlock also has a high resistance to deformation and damage, resistance to termites and rotting. Better than other trees, the hemlock is adapted to showers and heavy snowfall, quietly endures harsh winters, so you can make objects for the garden and terrace from it - it will not lose its original appearance.In general, it can be said that hemlock has wide application, and it really deserves your attention!

Price for 1 board. Sold in a package of eight boards.

Model A:
• Thickness - 14 mm
• Width - 95 mm
• Length - 2150 mm
• Effective width - 85 mm

Model B:
• Thickness - 14 mm
• Width - 95 mm
• Length - 2450 mm
• Effective width - 85 mm

For the coating of 1 m2, 5.5/5 boards with the length of 2150/2450 mm should be used.

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