Red cedar for paneling



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Red Cedar has been used in Saunas and Steam Baths for decades of years, because of its ability to withstand temperature changes and moisture. Cedar has wonderful aromatic features, as well as being durable, non-toxic and an excellent thermal insulator. The wood is superior in resisting warp or twist from its fastenings.
The recommended minimum board thickness for Finnish saunas is 17.5 mm.
Dimensions of the boards (thickness x width - length):
Model A: 17.5 x 89 mm - 215 cm
Model B: 17.5 x 89 mm - 245 cm
Model C: 17.5 x 89 mm - 183 cm
Model D: 14 x 96 mm - 215 cm

Price per board in the corresponding length..
Available only on a package (6 boards)!

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