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The proportional dosing pump is a microcontroller unit suitable for operation in proportion to a “mA” input signal. Connected to a transmitter/indicator instrument or other device which supplies a modulated current signal from 0 to 20 mA, the pump pulse frequency will be proportional to the mA signal received: the higher the signal the higher the pump flow. The pump can be set to operate in reverse mode, ie. the stronger the signal, the lower the flow rate. This model can be adapted to other mA rates (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 20-4mA). A level sensor (sold separately) can be connected to the pump.
All dispensing pumps comply with EU regulations. Protection class IP-65. Power connection: 220 / 240V 50/60 Hz. Materials in contact with the liquid: polypropylene, viton, teflon and PVC. Includes anti-corrosive plastic box, moisture resistant indicator, drain valve. No lubrication, minimal maintenance. Optionally, the device may be supplied with an output, a level probe, or other operating voltage.
Materials used:
- Pump head: PP and available in PVDF and PTFE on request.
- The membrane: PTFE.
- Valves: FPM valve (Viton) and other elastomers such as EPDM (Dutral), NBR (nitrile) and silicone on request.
Ceramic ball valves are available.
Connections: 4 x 6 mm.
Installation kit for all pumps includes: suction filter (Viton PP-FPM), inlet valve (PP-FPM from Viton), suction / return pipe 2 m + 2 m PVC, 2 m PE distribution hose.

Performance curves:
Performance curve of the pumps

The diagram indicates max metering pump flow variation in relation to the working pressure in the system; the diagram also include injection valve losses. Due to production requirements the technical characteristics of the equipment at maximum ratings can vary with a tolerance of 5% which must be taken into account when choosing the type of pump.

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