Dehumidifier ZDC-850E



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A dehumidifier, ideal for smaller indoor pools or spas - maximum water surface area 15 m².

It maintains air dry in your humid area to create a comfortable environment. Limits condensation to avoid damage that can be caused by excessive humidity, such as: rust, structural damage or damp. Ideal for spas or smaller indoor pools. This dehumidifier is equally suitable for secondary residences, hairdressing salons, cellars, computing labs or any other environment where humidity is excessive.

Monoblock unit, to be installed in your indoor pool or spa area which requires humidity control.

• Electronic regulation
• Digital screen
• Hermetic thermodynamic circuit.
• Centrifugal turbine, very quiet in operation.
• Hermetic compressor with internal protection.
• Thermoplastic defrost using forced ventilation.
• Regulated by integrated hygrostat.
• Anti-corrosive thermoplastic bodywork.
• Washable air filter.
• Two ventilation speeds.
• R 407C cooling liquid.

Dehumidifying unit on legs, to be installed in any room which requires humidity control. Electrical connection using standard socket (single phase 230 V - 10/16 A). Condensation evacuation tube supplied (Ø 13, 1.20m in length). Filter easily accessible on the unit's front panel.

• Capacity (l/h): 2,2
• Absorbed power* (W): 915
• Operating power* (W): 2500
• Air flow (m3/h): 500
• Electric power supply 230 V / 1 / 50 Hz
• Absorbed intensity (A) 4,15
* Under the following nominal conditions: air 30°C, humidity 70%.

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