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A gentle heat source for infrared cabins. Infrared warmth has several positive health effects. For example, it relieves muscle tension and makes you feel good. You can easily build your own infrared cabin with our equipment and materials.

The infrared system consists of infrared heaters and an Infra control unit. Three different models of infrared heaters are available. The Basic and the Comfort model have soft textile surface which is comfortable and safe. In addition, the Comfort model is equipped with light.

The Basic model is similar to the Comfort model, except that is does not have a light. The Carbon infrared heaters is a thin carbon fiber heating element that heats quickly as the current passes through it. It can be installed for instance over paneling, as it is only 4 mm thick. All models are easy to install.

Our infrared heaters are of tested superior quality, very reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

An infrared cabin is ready for use almost immediately. Just switch it on from the digital Infra control panel, and you can enjoy the pleasant warmth within a few moments.

We design infrared cabins for chosen space and according to given measurements. Ask for an offer for a customized infrared cabin.

Infrared heaters Basic and Comfort:
Size 218 x 60 x 725 mm (w x d x h)
Output: Comfort 435 W and Basic 400 W (without light)
Wavelength range: ca. 4000–4500 nm

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