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The underwater fitness revolution
The Water Bike is ideal to be used in fitness, wellness and spa centres, as well as, in medical installations, hotels and private pools. All the benefits of water aerobics, a complete, invigorating and restorative sport to help you find and keep a good health and balance. A pleasant and effective method that will both energize and relax all at once, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner.

· Suitable to all users: benefit from the unique underwater physical exercise activities.
· Free and easy use: all users can adjust the bike to their needs and regulate the pedal to their personal fitness level.
· Individual or Group use.
· Increase general and heart strength, thanks to the cardiovascular exercise.
· Reduces blood pressure.
· Sport Activity without impact: body joints do not suffer direct impact and the use in the water strengthens them.
· Without footwear, hydrodynamic pedal: the resistance is given through the pedal and there is no need to wear any special shoe.
· Easy maintenance: the only maintenance required is to dry the Water Bike when removed from the water.
· Weight loss and/or sport rehabilitation, are two important reasons to own and use the Water Bike.

· Manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316 L.
· To be used in public and private pools from 1 until 1,5 metres depth.
· Gross Weigth: 20,5 Kg.
· Net Weigth: 19,5 Kg.
· Adjustable supports, saddle and handlebar.
· Pedals manufactured in PUR.
· Packaging box: 87 x 87 x 18 cm.


   HAVE FUN. A moment of relaxation and fun to share with other fans of water aerobics.

   PREVENT VARICES. Improvement of venous lymphatic circulation.

   LOSE WEIGHT. Movements that burn calories while entertaining and without sudden effort.

   ACTIVATE YOUR HEART. Particularly recommended to relieve stress and nervousness and to regain well-being and vitality.

   IMPROVE THE BLOOD CIRCULATION. The practice of endurance work with the cardiovascular benefits that this entails.

   ENHANCE YOUR BREATHING. Development of muscle tone and respiratory volume.

   MODEL YOUR LEGS. The effort seems light, but is actually very effective: tones abdominals, pecs and thighs without suffering.

   GET RID OF YOUR CELLULITE. Helps stimulate and improve your blood circulation, which is a great way to get rid of recalcitrant cellulite!

   MAKE AN EFFORT WITHOUT EFFORT. Water facilitates the execution of movements, it neutralizes gravity and makes the body lighter.

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