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AQUARMONY is an underwater loudspeaker devised for swimming pools. It is manufactured with high quality components, innovative technologies and special assembling methodologies, which allow to function properly also when it’s plunged into saline water or water with high chloride content.

This underwater loudspeaker allow to listen to music and voice clearly. Aquarmony helps every sports session to get more interesting and motivating, encourages and supports the game, the animation as well as the relaxation in your swimming-pool. It can be used for: synchronized swimming, relaxing activities, prenatal swimming classes, swimming lessons for kids, and any sorts of games in swimming pools. It’s particularly suitable for the water relaxing activities and for all the therapies with the patient relaxed in the water.

Max power 60 W
Impendance 4 ohm
Frequency response 200 – 12.000 Hz
Dispersion underwater omnidirectional
Operational area up to 80 sq. m
Installation depth 40 cm
Weight 6 Kg
Cable Lenght 5 m, type:H07NR-F

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