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Decorative lamps suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can float in the swimming pool because they are waterproof. The lamps work with LED technology with low power consumption and battery life up to 20 hours. Supplied with a remote control to select one of 16 different colors and a charger. There is a choice of 4 automatic color sequences: overflow light, flashing light, changing light and disco effect.

You have a choice of 3 possible shapes:
- conical (Altair) - 290 x 320 mm
- spherical (Sirio) - Ø 350 mm
- oval (Vega) - 350 x 270 mm

Product characteristics:
- low Carbon, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly production
- Wide application, such as home furnishing, lighting, in swimming pools, sing and dance halls, etc.
- neoteric wireless induction charging
- safe and reliable with aluminum coated battery which is explosion and overheat resistant
- long life span, with high-tech brightness RGB LED and a rechargeable battery embedded in the lamp
- high degree of protection & waterproof, up to IP67 (not applicable for induction charging plate, adapter, or remote control)
- high tenacity against deformation and breaking

Technical data:
- charger: Input AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ---Output DC 7.5V
- LED quantity˖16 pcs RGB LED
- waterproof lamp
- operating current < 600 mA
- battery: 1500 mAh, rechargeable, 10-20 hrs working time
- certifications: CE, IP67, RoHs
- life span: 25 000 hours at 25ºC ambient temperature

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