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Ultraviolet UV-C technology: a modern, efficient disinfection system.
The treatment and disinfection of residual, drinking, aquicultural and, most recently, swimming pool water has become a number one priority in today’s world. This is a new automatic UVC light system, which guarantees double disinfection through a significant reduction in the amount of chloramines (bound chlorine) along with the neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water by impeding their reproduction.

The advantages of UV-C technology:
UV ray treatment systems are completely automatic, with very low maintenance and running costs. They also have considerable advantages over other systems:
• 100% of pool water is treated.
• The disinfected water is free of unpleasant smells and does not irritate the eyes, thanks to a drastic reduction in the amount of chloramines.
• They save money as fewer chemical products are required.
• They are environmentally friendly because:
   - Less fresh water is needed (daily water renewal is reduced).
   - Fewer waste by-products are formed, resulting in a reduction in subsequent water treatment.
   - The UV-C equipment does not add any chemical products to the water.

UV-C: disinfection and treatment mechanism
1. UV-C radiation - changes DNA:
   • Inhibits reproduction (inactivation, cell death).
2. UV-C radiation - effective reduction of chloramines:
   • Reduces filter washes (chloramines diluted to <0.6 ppm).
   • Significant savings in water and energy.
3. Limitations:
   • No residual effects (local treatment).
   • Addition of residual disinfectant-oxidant (Cl2/Br2/H202) and pH control required.

UV principle

UV ultraviolet light
UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes to us naturally from the sun. It is situated in the 100-400 nm (nanometre) range of the spectrum, between X-rays and visible light. Short-wave UV radiation (UVC), found in the 200-280 nm range, is very powerful and contains sufficient energy to destroy bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. This radiation is used to treat residual, drinking and aquicultural water and, in recent years, swimming pool water.

Electromagnetic spectrum and UV radiation

UV electromagnetic spectrum

What are chloramines?
Chloramines (or bound chlorine) are formed by the combination of chlorine with other nitrogenated organic compounds that are introduced into pool water by bathers through their sweat, cosmetics and other particles. Chloramines are responsible for the strong chlorine smell and accompanying eye irritation and other unpleasant effects that bathers experience. They are also harmful to respiratory tracts, making them a cause for concern for those who work in public pools. Using a test kit, specifically the DPD3 system, the chloramine level present in the pool can be ascertained. The UV medium pressure (HPE-MP) systems are renowned for their capacity to drastically reduce the amount of chloramines present in pool water.

The UV system operation
UV-C disinfection is a local treatment (UV chamber), which takes place as the water in the pool circulates through the chamber that contains the UV-C lamps. The accurate delivery of radiation (UV-C) and residence time in the system ensure the effective neutralisation of 99.9% of microorganisms, as well as the reduction of chloramines to safe levels (<0.6 ppm).

The UV system instalation

UV system installation

UV-C light generation.

UV light generation

Features of the HPE-LP UV system
The HPE-LP UV system will enable you to benefit from the latest ultraviolet light technology in the field of water treatment.
• Polyethylene body, corrosion and chemical resistant.
• Stainless steel power box.
• Latest technology (design and manufacturing).
• Lamp “ON” indicator.
• Electronic counter for working time and ignitions (lamp lifetime control).
The HPE-LP UV models feature chambers made of polyethylene (inalterable), which means they can be used in extreme saline (seawater) pH and oxidising conditions. HPE-LP UV (Low Pressure) systems are designed to be used in residential pools. They operate at the 254 nm point of the spectrum, ideal for the elimination of microorganisms.

Technical specifications HPE-LP UV systems

Description MODEL
Flow (@30 mJ/cm2
10 m3/h
14 m3/h
20 m3/h
25 m3/h
Dimensions (mm)
A: 735 / B: 434 / C: 200 / D: 227 / E: 290
A: 978 / B: 677 / C: 200 / D: 227 / E: 290
3 bar / 2 – 40°C / Inlet-Outlet: G 2” F / 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Rated/UV-C Power
48 / 13W
56 / 18W
75 / 25W
90 / 30W
1 / 13 000 hours
Flow detector input(1)
Lamp "ON" indicator
Temperature sensor

(1) Sensor not supplied.

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