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Swim like a pro! This counter-current equipment gives you full training facilities without having to leave your own pool. Whatever the pool size, you’ll be able to swim against a strong current of bubbling water, practicing your favorite stroke without moving from the spot. It has been designed and built with maximum attention being given to durability, with corrosion free materials (stainless steel and plastic) and can be installed in both concrete and liner pools.

This is a stand-alone system, independent of the swimming pool filtration system. Pool water is sucked in through vents on the side of the front assembly panel and expelled through a nozzle on the panel center. The direction and intensity of the water jet can be regulated by adjusting the nozzle control. An air valve, also situated on the front panel, regulates the flow of air bubbles into the water, using the Venturi system. The innovative design and concept of the kit (featuring face panel, housing, control box and jet pump) make it an element which will add significant value to your pool. A highly competitive product thanks to its top of the range hydraulic features, the Counter-current System is available in 3 models, the 2,2 kW mono-phase, 2,2 kW tri-phase and the 3,3 kW tri-phase. Possibility of attaching grab rails to hydromassage hose (optional).

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