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This heater has a classic design and is suitable for small to medium, woodburning saunas. It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere. The even heat and efficient air circulation guarantee an enjoyable bath. The heater comes equipped with a glass door, allowing the warm glow of the fire to complement the sauna atmosphere. The WK20 model also features adjustable legs to facilitate installation and, for example, help in adjusting the height of the smoke outlet. The colour of the stove is elegant graphite black and it has a stainless steel air-flow spoiler. The WK3 stove can be equipped with a pipe model water heater. The recommended size of the sauna room is 6–13 m3 and the maximum amount of stones is 30 kg for the WK3 model and 8–20 m3 and the maximum amount of stones 40 kg for the model WK20.


Model WK3 WK20
Sauna room min. m3 6 8
Sauna room max. m3 13 20
Stone capacity max. kg 30 40
Dimensions width mm 390 430
Dimensions height mm 710 760
Dimensions depth mm 430 510
Weight kg 45 60
Heater output kW 16,5 24,1
Safety distance to sides and back, masonry walls E, mm 50 (* 50 (*
Safety distance to sides (B) and back (C), walls and benches made of inflammable materials, mm 300 300
Safety distance to front (D) mm 300 300
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling A min. mm 1300 1300
Fire chamber cover mm 5 10
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole mm 560 560
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to centre of hole mm 120 120
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115 115
(* Leave 50 mm between the stove and walls, provided that the air can circulate in front and to one side of the stove. If the stove is installed in a recessed wall, leave 100 mm between the stove and walls for the air circulation.    

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