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The heat coming from infrared heater has many beneficial health effects. To mention a few, it can relieve muscle tension, improve your mood and help you feel relaxed and full of energy. To enjoy these benefits, you need an infrared sauna, the main ingredient of which is the infrared heater. Basically, you have three options to own an infrared sauna. First, you can order your custom built sauna by contacting us and have it built on site. Second, buy an infrared portable sauna from our internet shop and assemble it yourself. It takes 30 minutes and the process does not require any specialized skills or tools. And third, you can build your own sauna from scratch.

If you opt for one of the first two options, the information below will familiarize you with one of the most important pieces of equipment that goes in the infrared sauna and help you decide what kind of infrared heater best suits your needs - the current one or the alternative heater, also offered by us. On the other hand, if you are up to the task with the third option, the information here will help you plan ahead the installation process.

To get to the point, the electrical part of the infrared sauna consists of infrared heaters and control unit (sold separately). The Carbon infrared heater is a thin carbon fiber heating element that heats quickly as the current passes through it. The element is installed over the paneling as it is only 4 mm thick. The installation is easy, by means of screws, according to the pictures below.

The elements are of superior quality - long-lasting, durable, and very reliable.

A distinguishing feature of the infrared sauna is its almost instant availability for use. Once you switch it on from the control panel, you can enjoy the pleasant warmth within a few moments.


Carbon Infrared Heater Technical data:

Size: 400 x 4 x 1000 mm (w x d x h)
Output: 380 W, 230 V 1N~
Carbon infrared heater electrical connection
Wavelength range: 4000–17000 nm

Carbon infrared heater sample installation

Carbon infrared heater installation detailed view


Carbon infrared heater warning signs

  • Do not spray water on the radiators. This may result in electric shock or damage to the radiators.
  • To prevent burns or electric shocks, do not touch or use metal tools on the radiators.


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