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Liquid chemical used to prevent the appearance and destruction of already existing algae. As well as being unsightly, algae can prove to be dangerous if they make surfaces slippery. The pool water may turn cloudy and ultimately, if allowed to multiply unchecked, they can block filters or reduce their efficiency.
The most common causes of algae growth is failure to maintain an adequate free chlorine residual in the water at all times as well as failure to treat the water with the prescribed quantity of algicide on a regular basis.

Dosing and application:

1. For initial treatment 100 ml for every 10 cub.m. of pool water.
2. For continuous treatment - 50 ml for every 10 cub.m. of pool water.
In the following circumstances the the dose should be increased: heavy pool use, high temperatures, and rain. The prescribed quantity is poured into a bucket full of water and then disperced evenly over the water surface, preferably in the evening.

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