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This solenoid dosing pump is a simple, reliable, electromagnetic pump, based on a microprocessor.
- Adjustable Flow Rate up to 5 l/h
- Pressure up to 7 bar
- PVC Pump Head, PTFE Diaphragm
- Pump can be equipped with low level alarm connection upon request
- User friendly (fast electrical connection and mounting)
- IP65 protection level
- Standard power supply 90-265 Vac
- The pump has an input for the level probe
- Manual regulation of the flow rate from 0 (pump stopped) to 100% of maximum flow rate
- Operating status LED:
- Flashes when the pump is operating
- Flashes slowly when the pump is stopped
- Flashes quickly when a level alarm is activated
- Installation Kit: Suction Filter, injection valve, screw mounting device, cable. Inlet Suction tube (PVC) and Outlet tube (PE).

Supplied in two modifications:
Flow rate, pressure:
- 5 l/h, 5 bar
- 2 l/h, 7 bar

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