Control and regulation system Conductivity (mS), Chlorine, pH



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Panel for measuring and setting the Chlorine concentration, pH value, and conductivity
(mS) in public swimming pools.
The Kontrol series of panels are compact and easy to use and include all the accessories required for immediate installation (buffer solutions for calibrating pH and Rx, and DPD colour system for Chlorine calibration).
- Self-calibration of all measurements
- Compact probe holders, complete with flow sensor, flow rate regulating valve and tap for bleeding the liquid.
- Alarm signal to indicate that the water is not flowing
- Instruments with IP 65 protection level.
- Alarm relay (5 A – 250 Vac)
- 4-20 mA outputs for each parameter measured, with provision for selecting the interval
- Power supply 230 Vac (standard) or 115 Vac (upon request)
- Programmable set points and alarm
- Pump pause function during calibration
- Temperature reading and temperature offset (automatic with optional PT100 probe)
- Adjustments on set point: On/Off, pause/run, proportional by impulse
- PC95 Instrument
- CD75 Instrument
- Self-cleaning (Pt-Cu) amperometric cell
- Self-calibration in relation to the physical-chemical characteristics of the water to be measured
- pH probe
- K1 conductivity probe

The dosing pumps are supplied separately (for example the KOMPACT AXL or KOMPACT DPG kit).

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