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The filtration unit with housing consists of a single piece injected plastic housing that holds pre-assembled filtering equipment: a sand filter with side mounted multi-port valve, a recirculation pump and a valve battery. As an option, the unit can contain a control panel and a chlorine tablet dosing unit.

The housing is made of injected polymer, making it highly resistant to all weather conditions and to low temperatures, ideal for its outdoor location.
In order to protect the pump from possible flooding, it is placed on a platform within the housing unit. The bottom of the housing is designed in the shape of a pallet, facilitating its handling and transportation, and it comes with the necessary accessories to allow it to be fixed to a concrete base. The lid consists of two pieces joined by hinges allowing it to be opened 180º. As opposed to other models available on the market, this system provides a safer product for the user and increases the product´s durability.

Available with three filter sizes and pumps:

Cantabric Ø 400Sena - 1/2 HP
Cantabric Ø 500Sena - 3/4 HP
Cantabric Ø 600Sena - 1 HP

The kit includes:

1Filter Cantabric with side multiport valve 1 pc.
2Housing unit 1 pc.
3Manifold with 5 outlets 1 pc.
4Ball valve 4 pc.
5Check valve 1 pc.
6Bend 90º6 pc.
7Bend 45º3 pc.
8Union, male thread 3 pc.
9Union5 pc.
10PVC Cement 1 pc.
11Pump Sena 230 V1 pc.
12Flexible PVC 2 m

Dimensions (W x H x L): 1375mm x 1131.5mm x 1197mm

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