Wooden sauna bucket - 5 l



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In dry saunas, where the stones are not sprinkled with water, the relative humidity (RH) is as low as 5–10%. In wet saunas, when water is ladled on the hot stones from time to time, the relative humidity rises steeply to 10–25%, and you can feel how the quivering waves of heat massage their way into your skin.


Wood Sauna Bucket with plastic liner, Pine, 5L. This beautiful Wooden Sauna Bucket with single handle design is comfortable to carry. An essential sauna accessory, this bucket holds up to 5 liters of water to splash over hot stones to create vapor. It is made of natural pine wood. A form-fitting plastic insert holds the water but is nearly invisible when placed inside the bucket. This updated version gives you all the beauty of the wood original but with more durability and a much longer life.


• Holds 54 Liters of water
• Made of pine wood
• Size: 20 cm x 20 cm with 10 cm long handle

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