Sand Timer for sauna - 15 min.



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Time passes quickly in the relaxed atmosphere of a sauna. Since no clock can withstand the heat, time can easily get away from you with no way off knowing how long you've been bathing. We have the perfect solution ... passed down thru the ages we have the timepiece that requires no power. Hand blown glass in a traditional hourglass design, filled with precisely the right amount of red sand necessary to measure 15 minutes of elapsed time, attached to a piece of Western Red cedar, ½” thick x 2” wide with easy to read time markings in increments of 1 minute to 15 minutes. Attached to the wall with a 1/8” x 1” x 6” cedar-mounting bracket that allows the hourglass to revolve 360 degrees so you can easily start a second 15-minute sauna bath and never lose track of time.

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