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Triplochiton scleroxylon is a tropical tree native to Africa. The tree is known as Abachi. The colour of the wood varies from creamy white to pale yellow. This wood virtually does not have any knots, feels comfortable to the touch, and the material itself has a beautiful, fine and even structure. One of Abachi's most important features is the low heat capacity and the inability to heat in depth. Its main advantage is not just that Abachi's surface layer does not warm up to the ambient temperature (for example a hot sauna), but rather that it takes the temperature of the body of the person sitting on a bench on that material. Abachi has excellent thermal insulation properties (when the temperature in the sauna is 90-110°C, Abachi's surface temperature does not exceed 40°C).

Price for 1 meter. Sold in boards with the corresponding length.

Model A:
• Thickness - 23 mm
• Width - 50 mm

Model B:
• Thickness - 23 mm
• Width - 60 mm

Model C:
• Thickness - 22 mm
• Width - 80 mm

Model D:
• Thickness - 22 mm
• Width - 95 mm

Model E:
• Thickness - 24 mm
• Width - 110 mm

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