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The Volcano range of filters is wide covering both residential pool applications and commercial ones. The new models of 1050 and 1200 mm diameter have a bigger top cover, of 400 mm diameter. The Volcano filters are manufactured with resin and fi breglass projection; fi lter bed height is 0.60 m.


 Multiport valve 2" Connection to 2 1/2" Flanges, diam.90 mm
D, mm 75094010901240
H, mm8609459751100
M, mm 530595705760
N, mm 300325435490
Connections2"2"2 1/2" ф90
Flow, cub.m./h 22324356
Sand (0.4-0.8mm), kgs 2454506601000
Weight, kgs 27395365
Volume, cub.m. 0.60.951.432.03
Filtration surface, sq.m. 0.440.640.871.13
Filtration velocity, cub.m./h/sq.m. 50505050
Working pressure, bar
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