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Mission, History, Management

   Quality of service, Solutions based on modern technologies, Customer satisfaction, Concern for the environment - the four cornerstones of our business philosophy.

   VITEH EOOD was founded in 2005 as a successor of ET VIT-95. With more than 10 years experience, the team of VITEH EOOD is dedicated to providing its customers superior service and the newest technologies without compromises with the environment.

   General Manager of VITEH EOOD is dipl. eng. Ivan Tenev. He has more than 35 years engineering experience working on various projects throughout the country.

   Please contact us for a personalized list of references and completed projects.

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   The employees of VITEH share the values and business philosophy of the company. Apart from the specialised skills necessary for the completion of specific tasks, all members of the VITEH team:

  • possess skills to work in a team.
  • demonstarte willingness to learn and apply new ideas and skills.
  • are satisfied with the task at hand and with their accomplishments.
  • show maturity and professionalism in their relationships with customers and colleagues.

   Working with VITEH, you can expect:

  • attractive remuneration dependant on your efforts, experience, and qualifications.
  • opportunities for professional contribution and growth.
  • positive work environment, based on mutual respect and tolerance.
  • additional incentives dependant on the length of employment with VITEH and the demonstrated results.

   VITEH EOOD is a dynamically growing company, operating in the entire country. Despite the fact that currently there are no available job openings, we will be glad to review your qualifications and experience and to schedule an interview with you at the first available opportunity. Please send your resume, references, and a brief description outlining in what part of the operations of VITEH you would like to continue your professional development. Please send your correspondence to the following address:
   Thank you for your interest.

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