The centuries-old traditional bath and ritual from Finland. Providing a relaxing, natural way to cleanse the body through perspiration. A soothing vacation from life's daily pressures - enjoy the benefits of Sauna within your home or in a free standing Sauna house.

   Home saunas can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, with real benefits that can far outweigh their costs. Take the step towards a better health and contact us to find out how easy is to have your own sauna at home.

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What is a sauna?

   There are different types of saunas. One of the most common types is the Finnish sauna. A Finnish sauna is a room or small hut with temperature over 80 degrees C. There is a wooden bench and a heater covered with special stones. Water is poured over the stones to provide gentle and moist heating and to facilitate perspiration. When water is poured over the hot furnace stones, a steam cloud fills the sauna taking the temperatures to an even higher level. A Sauna requires a properly insulated room lined with clear softwood and a good Sauna heater with direct-heated stones. Sauna bathing in Finland typically lasts between half an hour and two hours. The sauna is often followed by a shower or swim in a lake. In winter, many of the Finnish rub snow on their skin after their sauna. Saunas can be used also to gather socially and relax with family and friends.

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Types of saunas.

   The most common types of saunas are:

  • Finnish Sauna, described above.
  • Steam Sauna (hammam) - One can achieve the best result from a steam sauna when the temperature is between 43 degrees C and 46 degrees C and there is a relative humidity of 100%. Saunas should have mist or steam. Hence, saunas must have steam generators and control systems to prevent the escape of steam. Steam sauna leads to sweating and rejuvenation. Steam saunas are most popular in Europe, Greece, Turkey, Russia and Rome.
  • Infrared Sauna - Infrared saunas are used for weight loss and relaxation. Infrared, a type of light, is used to heat objects in the sauna instead of air. One’s respiratory system is not exposed to high heat as in conventional sauna. Infrared Saunas, which often have a maximum capacity of four, can be installed anywhere in the house. Portable infrared saunas are also available. A distinctive feature of this sauna type is that it requires 90% less energy and heats much faster than traditional saunas. For more information... Visit our online catalogue.

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The benefits of a sauna.

  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles
  • Helps to relieve mental fatigue
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Provides a cardiovascular workout - Helps condition heart
  • Увеличава ритъма на метаболизма
  • Improves circulation
  • Provides temporary relief for arthritic pain
  • Promotes healing and releases natural pain killers, Beta Endorphins and Norepinephrines
  • Increases resistance to illness
  • Burns as many as 300 calories during a normal Sauna session
  • Helps maintain clear, healthy skin - and provides an after glow of a rosy complexion
  • Promotes a wonderful feeling of well being and a total body experience that no bath can duplicate
  • Adds luxury and value to your home

   SAUNA is the only bath in the world in which both dry and damp air is present at the same time. It is the body's natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration. The high heat (average of 80 degrees C) and the low humidity (about 25%) create an environment which promotes over-all perspiration and the deep cleansing of pores. The body's impurities are flushed away (even nicotine from a smoker's body). This total perspiration helps maintain clear, healthy skin and provides a rosy afterglow. Saunas are first and foremost a place of relaxation. The soft heat and humidity soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves stress, and promotes a wonderful after Sauna feeling of satisfaction and well being. The body's natural painkillers, beta-endorphins and norepinephrines, are released to provide a feeling much like the runner's high. During a Sauna, the rate of blood circulation increases, the rate of breathing increases, and the pulse rate quickens. Saunas are like mild exercise, or a cardiovascular workout for your heart. Calories are also burned in a Sauna session. A Sauna should be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program.

   Steam Sauna - Steam saunas increase the supply of oxygen to cells and tissues; increase the number of white blood cells; improve blood circulation, immune system and nutrient supply; release toxins and reduce tension; and kill viruses and bacteria. And, steam saunas burn 400-600 calories in every session, and the moist heat improves blood supply. Steam saunas are also very good for patients suffering from bronchial asthma, bronchitis, cough, catarrh of upper respiratory channels, and joints ailments.

    Infrared Sauna - These saunas, based on infrared technology, are more effective as heat reaches deeper in the skin unlike conventional saunas. Deep heat penetration allows removal of toxins, alcohol, nicotine and metals. It helps in curing chronic fatigue; promotes muscle growth; raises growth hormones level; and reduces cellulite. Calories used in half an hour in an infrared sauna session are more than that used while running for the same time. Electric light infrared saunas are very helpful for cancer patients. They raise oxygenation and remove radio active residues. Infrared saunas are good for chronic infections. This sauna can also be used for patients with varicose veins, metal implants, hypertension and diabetes where conventional saunas do not help.

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How to enjoy the sauna?

   When planning to take a Sauna, allow yourself plenty of time to relax. Turn on your Sauna heater at least one half-hour before you enter the room. This will give enough time to heat the room to the proper Sauna bathing temperature (average temperatures range from 80 degrees C to 90 degrees C). Shed your worries as you shed your clothes and let the relaxing Sauna aura surround you. Allow your body time to adjust to the high heat. Sit or lie on a towel on the top bench for the best heat. You may sit on the lower bench for cooler temperatures. As desired, pour 1 to 2 ladles full of water over the hot Sauna stones to produce steam, which will aid in perspiration. After 10-20 minutes, or when you feel ready, exit the Sauna and cool down by taking a shower or plunging into a refreshing pool or lake. Rest for a while in the cooling room or area. Ideally, it is nice to have a dressing room and shower next to or near your Sauna. You should spend about as much time cooling down as you have spent in the Sauna. Re-enter the Sauna and repeat the process as desired. Finish with a final shower. Then, relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy that wonderful after-Sauna feeling.

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