Warm water therapy in today's spas is used for stress relief and relaxation. Hydrotherapy has long been known to soothe away body and joint aches too.

   Benefit from the privilege to have all this at home with the spas installed by VITEH EOOD. Choose the package that is most suitable for you with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff by contacting us now.

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What is a spa?

    Any water-filled vessel that has jets fitted and is connected to a circulation pump providing a water whirlpool action. There are 3 types of spas - Spa Baths, Spa Pools and Swim Spas.

    Today most spa pools are vacuum formed into various shapes and sizes using acrylic sheeting. There are also fiber glass, wood, concrete or polyethylene spas. Some people refer to spa pools as "hot tubs" or "Jacuzzi". "Jacuzzi" is not a spa, but the name of an American company that first introduced the whirlpool action. A hot tub refers to a vessel completely made from timber.

   Spa Baths
A spa bath is just the same as a normal bath tub except for the extra plumbing used to connect it to a circulation pump. It can be used to replace a normal bath tub in a bathroom setting. Water is drained after each use, the same as for a normal bath tub.

   The bath tub is modified by drilling and plumbing to incorporate special spa fittings. These fittings include an air venturi, off / on button, PVC piping, a suction plate and typically 4 – 6 spa jets.

Spa baths - rectangular, oval and corner

   Spa Pools
   A spa pool is a larger jetted vessel with actual seating positions incorporated into its design. There are 2 types of spa pools-portable spas (Fig. 1) and non portable spas (Fig. 2), each can be placed inside or outside the house.

   Portable spas are self contained spas. They require no external plumbing or excavation. All equipment is mounted on or under the spa in an enclosed cabinet. All that is needed for installation is connection to a power source and a suitable stable level surface. In the event of you selling your home, a portable spa may be removed and transported to your new home. The portable spa has automatic filtration and heating systems, and is ready for use at any time.

Fig. 1 Portable spa and its equipment.

   Non portable spas require some plumbing and electrical connections before you have the finished product. They can be installed totally into the ground, semi in-ground or supported above ground. Landscaping with paving or decking enhances the completed product. An in-ground spa can be more expensive to purchase than a portable spa because of the extra installation charges involved.

Fig. 2 Non portable spa.

   Swim Spas
   A swim spa is a longer spa pool that allows both swimming and spa therapy. The swim spa is divided into two distinct sections-a spa section and a ‘swim on the spot’ section. This kind of spa offers exercise, relaxation and therapeutic massage all in one compact unit.

   It's a spa
   The spa end usually has seating for between 5 and 14 people. You can enjoy the benefits of an invigorating luxury spa, where strategically placed hydro therapy swirl jets, together with the effervescence of aeration, provide the ultimate in relaxation, stress and pain relief.

   It's a pool
   At the opposite end of the spa is the “swim on the spot“ section. Water is taken from the pool and pumped through jet streams producing either a concentrated flow of water or broad stream of surf suitable for swimming/walking on the spot. The water pressure can be regulated to accommodate any swimming stroke, as well as adjustments to suit the skill level of any swimmer including children. You can train seriously or just enjoy a leisurely swim/walk.

   A Swim Spa brings a whole new meaning to outdoor living all year round with thermostatically controlled heating. The Swim Spa is compact and turns the smallest backyard or patio into a complete leisure and health center. Leave the water cold for summer fun or heat for all year round use.

Swim Spa

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Why own a spa?

    Spa Therapy

   he Best Feeling In The World
   Good things happen when we slip into hot water. We instantly lose 90% of our body weight. We are buoyed up, warmed up and reminded to let go of whatever it was that was bothering us. When you immerse yourself in hot water, circulation adjusts to the change with a slight increase in blood pressure. Blood rushes to the skin where it is warmed by the hot water. The blood vessels expand and the pressure drops back down. The warmed blood penetrates deeper into the tissue below the skin, bringing more oxygen. As more vessels expand, you notice a soothing sensation. Even muscles that always feel tight start to relax. As the heat goes deeper, your body temperature may rise to 37.2° C. Your body’s heart rate and respiration increases, helping eliminate metabolic wastes that collect in muscle tissue.

   Muscle Recovery
   There are measurable benefits associated with soaking in a hot spa. When you exercise, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. Warm water dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow to sore or damaged tissues, allowing oxygen and nutrients to help the recovery process and carry away lactic acid. Many physicians and physiotherapists recommend warm spas for intense rehabilitative therapy. Spas also help to renew flexibility and eradicate stiffness, relaxed muscles move more freely with less pain and soreness. With all this in mind, just imagine what the hydro-massage of a backyard spa can do for you after strenuous exercise or a tough day at work.

   Pain Relief
   Endorphins are natural painkillers for the body. Warm water stimulates their release. When the body is in warm water blood vessels near the skin relax, allowing more blood to flow, bringing endorphins and nutrients to damaged cells.

   Did You Know...
   The enlarged blood vessels that come with immersion in hot water also draw hot water from the head, helping unclog nasal passages. Increasing the body's temperature to 39.4° C increases the number of virus and bacteria fighting white blood cells three fold. Most cold and flu viruses do not multiply above 38.6° C.

   Nature's Design
   The body is a dynamic energy field: energy circulates throughout the body connecting each part to the whole. The feet are a perfect microcosm of the body. All organs, glands and other bodily systems are connected to the feet. The neck and back experience tension relief best when massaged through the feet. When stimulated, relaxed feet can have a profound contribution to the state of our overall health. VITEH Spas are designed to take full advantage of nature's design through hydrodynamics. We eliminate water-restricting fittings, which in turn allows the least amount of horsepower to deliver maximum power to each jet so you get the optimum flow for massaging your neck, back and feet. For centuries man has known of warm water. Before the modern portable spa, people have enjoyed the pain and tension relief offered by natural Hot Springs. Today's spa technology, particularly as installed by VITEH, can offer specific therapy benefits. The installed jets and air venturi can deliver the healing flow of water and air from the jets to proper spots on the body. These spots known as pressure points can lessen or eliminate pain if triggered properly. The exclusive pressure point therapy of the Spas installed by VITEH delivers the warm soothing water to these pressure points.

    Warm swirling water also reduces stress and allows you to rest and sleep better. Sleep deepens as body temperature drops. Experts recommend that people who suffer from sleeplessness soak in a spa at 36° C to 38° C for 15 minutes before bedtime.

   Weight loss
   Soaking in a warm steamy spa increases the heart rate and at the same time lowers blood pressure. Therefore you can enjoy the health benefits of increasing your heart rate without stress on your heart. Hydrotherapy dilates the blood vessels and stimulates circulation while relaxing muscles and skin. It has also been suggested that regular use of spas can help you loose weight and reduce cellulite. As an alternative to working out at the gym you can relax in your own spa and tone body tissue, reduce fluid retention and relieve swelling.

   Stress Relief
   Stress is an unavoidable aspect in the lives of many. Under stress, the heart works harder, breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, and digestion slows. Nearly every process of the body is tainted by stress. It is estimated that 80% of disease is stress related, therefore it would make sense to try and relieve it wouldn't it? The massage you enjoy in your spa stimulates the release of your bodies' natural feel good chemical- endorphin. You will feel better and more equipped to tackle life's daily challenges. A spa will not remove stress from your life; it will however help you to relieve it.

   Enhance Relationships

   Want your home to be the entertainment capital amongst your friends? Turn any social event into fun and bubbles with your own backyard spa paradise. Entertaining with friends after a BBQ in the summer or escaping to a warm and steamy retreat in the winter. All year long you can enjoy the benefits and share them with your friends and family!

   Time in the spa with loved ones, is the perfect environment to communicate and connect. When you relax in a warm spa, conversation flows easily and is uninterrupted. Enjoy the health benefits of hydrotherapy in the company of special people, what a great alternative to watching television???

   Have you ever felt you were not spending enough QUALITY time with your partner? With the nature of our busy lifestyles it is hard to find time to dedicate to enhancing relationships. However you can turn your backyard into your own romantic retreat. In the confinement of your own spa you have each others full attention, away from the distractions of every day life. Relaxing and enjoying each others company in a hot and steamy spa will add sparkle to any relationship. A spa is an asset to any couple and one that will give pleasure for many years to come.

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