Swimming pools

   On this page you will find a variety of information and tips about the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. Here, you can take the first step in the realization of this project by contacting us.

   In brief:


Why build a pool in my backyard?

   Whether it’s something you’ve been planning for a while or a new idea you’re toying with, the reason to build a pool in your backyard can be any number of things…

  • Find a refuge from the heat
  • Parties, entertaining or just showing off
  • Going to the public pool is not appealing for you
  • Health and fitness, reasons to stay in your own backyard instead of the sweaty gym
  • Lounging, relaxing and unwinding…

   Family vacations at home!

  • Barbecue for dinner, even if it’s hot outside
  • Outdoor family room
  • Pool Games and more exciting fun with your family

   Other Reasons…

  • Our pools can be built to match any budget, large or small
  • Our crew is the best in custom pool construction.
  • We use only the most reliable and durable productsa
  • We are always reachable to answer questions or help with your needs.
  • We’re prompt! No waiting lists, unanswered phone calls or missed appointments.
  • We’ve built it already. From natural, tranquil beauty to modern pizzazz…
  • Our past customers are happy with us!

   We follow-up with you to make sure you’re happy!

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Before you start

   If you haven't decided yet what your swimming pool should be, the following information might help you in your decision:

  • Well designed and maintained pool can become the main place for relaxation, games and even sport; a place where the relatives and friends gather; or just in a point of attraction in the summer heat. Think about who and for what reasons will use the pool, will be there any children present and if yes, how old will they be. The answers to these questions will determine the shape and the depth of the pool. For example, if you intend to use the pool mainly for games and entertainment, it is wise to limit the maximum depth of the pool to 1.6 m (a pool with level bottom and depth of 1.2 m would be ideal for this purpose). If there will be children using the pool, you should plan for a special shallow area for them, or well defined shallow section. We ca be much more helpful to you in our first meeting, if you think about these questions in advance.

  • A pool, skilfully integrated into the overall landscaping of your backyard will increase the resale value of your property. It is not practical to build a cheap fiberglass pool next to a house worth 100 000 euro. Professional design and implementation of the pool and the surrounding landscape will give your property the perfect finish.

  • Think about the budget of the pool - what maximum amount you are willing to set aside for the construction of the pool and landscapicing the surroundings. Thus, you won't be left with a half-completed project, that instead of being a source of pleasure will be the cause for a discomfort. A budgeted amount will also be helpful because we shall give you the best options within your budget.

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I can't decide on the pool design. Are there any sample models?

   What do I need to consider before looking at designs?. - A swimming pool is a large investment. There is a lot to consider as you take the plunge. Just like any major purchase, you’ll want to do some research.  Surf the web, ask friends and family what they like and dislike about pools, look at your backyard for suggestions as to what it needs. The pool designers of VITEH EOOD are experts and an important part of their job is helping you plan a pool that is just right for you.

   How do I see my family and I using our new pool? - Gather the family together and discuss the ways in which everyone will use the pool today and in the future. Do we plan to do a lot of entertaining? Is exercise important? Some of the answers might surprise you. Write them down, keep them handy and refer back to them periodically.

   How big of a pool do I need?- In some ways buying a pool is a lot like buying a home. For example, you probably wouldn't buy a small home if you have a large family. You'd want a home with lots of room. On the other hand if it's your first home, budget might be a big consideration. The same thing applies to choosing a pool. Think about your family's needs and be realistic about your budget. With a little advanced planning and with the help of our expert pool designers, you'll have a pool that will bring years of enjoyment to the whole family.

   Are there pools I can look at to get ideas? - You bet! We have beautiful pools to show you that we have built. A number of our customers routinely open up their backyards for us to show potential customers some of the designs we have built.  We try to capture the pools’ beauty with pictures but sometimes it just helps to see the real thing. Ask your VITEH representative about scheduling some time to look at our creations.

   How do I determine the design and location of my pool? - There are lots of options when choosing the best placement for your new pool. Think about the big picture and ask yourself these questions. Where will I sit when looking at the pool? What views are important to me when I am looking at the pool through a window from inside my house? Where does the sun rise and set in my backyard? How will my existing or new landscaping fit with the pool? Do I have a place to barbeque and dine incorporated into the plan? Do I need extra space for chaise lounges for sun bathing? Make some notes with your answers to these questions.  A VITEH representative will meet with you at your home to survey the backyard and discuss everything that is important to you down to the last detail. Please remember that sometimes variances and overhead lines become a factor in placement but this varies by location.

   What shapes are available for my new pool? - Did you know in the 1950's the most popular shape for a pool was the rectangle? Today the shape of your pool is only limited by your imagination. We can design any size and shape pool you can dream up. That's one of the reasons owning a VITEH pool is so special, we can make your pool a one-of-a-kind reflection of your dreams.  See the following picture for sample shapes.

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