Water play

Water plays help to create a leisure space where you can enjoy water activities in a fun, safe and physically active environment with your family and friends. All products must be installed at a depth of 30-40 cm. See technical specifications.
(image for) Floating chaise-lounge, Deluxe

Floating chaise-lounge, Deluxe

Very convenient way of spending your time off in the swimming pool. Includes a cup holder on one of the arm rests.
159.90 лв.
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(image for) Water badminton

Water badminton

Bring some diversity in the way you use your swimming pool with this popular game in its water version. Included in the kit are net, frame for the...
51.49 лв.
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(image for) Water volleyball

Water volleyball

Water version of the volleyball game. Included in the kit are net, frame for the net with floating legs and a ball.
47.45 лв.
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(image for) Water basketball

Water basketball

The kit for the water basketball includes a net, two hoops with floaters and a ball.
47.07 лв.
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