Heat pumps and Dehumidifiers

Air/water heat pumps for heating swimming pool water make it possible to prolong the bathing season by taking advantage of the free calories in the air. Its main advantages are the energy savings it makes as it adjusts a pool’s setting to deliver optimum performance, the wireless remote control, the alarm history report and the home automation system.Dehumidifier remove humid, cold air with the help of a cooling circuit so that you will no longer shiver when you get out of the water. Our dehumidifiers keep the air dry and warm using the most silent technology available.Make your choice and enjoy maximum comfort, minimum concerns about the damp environment and absolute silence in any kind of indoor pool.
(image for) Heat pump Air/Water NN

Heat pump Air/Water NN

Heat pump with energy class "A" for outdoor pools, inverter technology and quiet operation. It is specially designed to achieve good...
4310.40 лв.
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(image for) Dehumidifier ZDC-850E

Dehumidifier ZDC-850E

A dehumidifier, ideal for smaller indoor pools or spas - maximum water surface area 15 m². It maintains air dry in your humid area to create a...
5220.00 лв.
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