Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pumps are so named because they have the ability to draw water from the pool to the filter and then push it back into the pool.

Our self-priming pumps have single-phase and three-phase motors as well as prefilters integrated into the pump body to prevent foreign objects from entering which could damage the hydraulic parts of the pump.

(image for) Pump SS/SC/SB


Self-priming electro-pump for swimming-pools, with built-in pre-filter. • Filter with transparent lid in polycarbonate which allows easy...
484.80 лв.
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(image for) Pump - VICTORIA


High performance self-priming pump for public and private swimming pools. The hydraulic body is made of technical plastics, while the...
1048.80 лв.
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(image for) Pump Sena

Pump Sena

Excellent design, great features The high flow rating and low noise level of Sena pumps go hand in hand to meet all the needs of private pools all...
696.00 лв.
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