Sand filters

Water purification filters used in swimming pool and hot tub installations with quarz sand as filter media.

Sand Filter - Sg-S

Made according to the latest pool filter technology which makes them suitable for variety of weather conditions. These filters are durable,...
314.40 лв.
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Sand Filter - Sg-S

Body made of polyethylene. • Injected plastic cover,with attachment by means of easily removable bracket. • High-strength polyester base....
442.80 лв.
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Sand filter - Volcano

The Volcano range of filters is wide covering both residential pool applications and commercial ones. The models with diameter of 1050 and 1200...
1428.00 лв.
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Sand filter - Volcano - public pool

The body is made of polyester and fiberglass. Backwashing can be done by water or air. Comes with a manometer. Working pressure 2.5 kgs/cm2. Tested...
4584.00 лв.
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