Winter and summer swimming pool and hot tub covers. Automatic and manual operation. Supports and reels.

Floating bubble cover- per sq. m.

Blue colour, 400 microns. Standard width 2 or 2.5 m. The price is without hem on the sides. Optional hem.
14.40 лв.
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Opaque cover- per sq. m.

Opaque cover for protecting the swimming pool from debris and keeping the water temperature. Possible colours - blue, green, yellow and grey. The...
31.20 лв.
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Reel for swimming pool cover, Ø100 mm

The pipe is made of anodized aluminium Ø 100 mm. Comes in three lengths - 4.5, 5.5 и 6.5 m. Different lengths, upon request. The 4.5 and 5.5...
704.40 лв.
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Telescopic reel for swimming pool cover, Ø100 mm

The pipe telescopic and is made of anodized aluminium Ø95-100 mm. Comes in two variable lengths - 4.0-5.5 и 5.0-6.5 m. Both models have...
895.20 лв.
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Support for cover reel - stainless steel

Two T-shaped supports for cover reel Ø100 мм. Made of stainless steel AISI-304. The kit includes steering wheel, 8 cover attachment straps,...
566.40 лв.
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