Sauna accessories

Sauna accessories kit (wood) - Saunabox

An easy and smart way to get all the needed traditional sauna accessories at one time: the sauna kit includes an wooden bucket with plastic...
185.85 лв.
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Aroma fragrances

Sauna fragrances: 250 ml - pine, birch, eucalyptus, fir, lavender, mango, menthol, mint, spruce
36.00 лв.
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Sand Timer for sauna - 15 min.

Time passes quickly in the relaxed atmosphere of a sauna. Since no clock can withstand the heat, time can easily get away from you with no way off...
46.86 лв.
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Sauna bucket clock

Attractive wooden clock made from the bottom of a pine sauna bucket, 23 cm diameter and 9 cm deep, this sauna theme clock cannot...
104.94 лв.
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Wooden ladle for sauna

Wooden laddle used for sprinkling water on top of the hot sauna rocks of the sauna heater, electric or wood-burning. Used together with sauna bucket...
30.20 лв.
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Wooden sauna bucket - 5 l

In dry saunas, where the stones are not sprinkled with water, the relative humidity (RH) is as low as 5–10%. In wet saunas, when water is...
75.80 лв.
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Wooden sauna bucket and laddle - 4 l

Wooden Sauna bucket with plastic insert - 4 liters, and wooden ladle, for sprinkling water on the rocks of a Finnish-style sauna heater. This...
110.18 лв.
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Ceramic pot for sauna aroma infusion

A constant supply of water (if desired mixed with fragrance) to the hot volcanic stones creates a pleasant sauna climate with constantly increased...
189.00 лв.
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