Sauna equipment

(image for) Sauna colour light

Sauna colour light

With this sauna colour light, the atmosphere you desire is in your hands. Colours have a significant effect on the overall health of human...
1335.00 лв.
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(image for) Heat-resistant LED strip 110°C

Heat-resistant LED strip 110°C

LED strips with coloured and white light Features and benefits: • Slim size 6-pin connector on both ends (male/female type) • Up to 24...
315.00 лв.
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(image for) Luminous LED light strip 70°C

Luminous LED light strip 70°C

Indirect lighting based on LED strips is the perfect way to add comfort to the warm atmosphere of your sauna. The LED strips can be easily integrated...
252.00 лв.
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(image for) Emergency stop

Emergency stop

Protection class IP44.
67.50 лв.
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(image for) Sauna and steamroom loudspeaker

Sauna and steamroom loudspeaker

The Sauna loudspeakers will enhance your sauna experience. Connect the loudspeakers to your music system to listen to music in your sauna room...
159.12 лв.
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