Shell and plate

Plate-and-shell exchangers combine the pressure and temperature capabilities of a cylindrical shell with the excellent heat transfer performance of a plate heat exchanger. The round plates ensure an even distribution of mechanical loads, without the stress concentrations that occur in the corners of rectangular plates. Since one of the fluids enters and leaves the exchanger through the shell openings, each plate only needs two openings instead of four required in a rectangular plate. This medium flows in so-called plate channels, which are formed by welds around the perimeters of the plate pairs. The corresponding channels carrying the other fluid, known as shell channels, are created by welding together the edges of the plate holes. The plate-and-shell design is as versatile as it is strong and thermally efficient. Just like a shell-and-tube exchanger, the cylindrical shell can be equipped with nozzles for filling, draining, venting, pressure measurement and so on.

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