Plate and frame

Plate and frame heat exchangers are made of corrugated plates on a frame. This design creates high turbulence and high wall shear stress, both of which lead to a high heat transfer coefficient and a high fouling resistance. Fluids travel within the heat exchanger. The two streams flow counter currently. The hot fluid flows down one plate while the cold fluid flows up the other plate. Gaskets ensure that the cold fluid and the hot fluid don't mix. The plates are stacked in an alternating manner to cause the counter current flow. Multiple plates are clamped together and sealed at the edges. The design allows for the two fluids to flow in alternate directions and not be mixed. However, heat can be transferred from one medium to the other through the plates. Because gasketed plate and frame exchangers are easy to clean, they are especially useful for food and pharmaceutical processing, where high degrees of sanitation are required.

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