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Manual Cleaning

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Cleaning and maintenance kit

The kit is offered in three versions, which include a different combination of cleaning accessories used to keep your swimming pool or spa in top...
65.86 лв.

Triangular vacuum head Deluxe

Transparent floor vacuum with cast iron weight. Made of quality rigid plastic with lower brushes. For vacuum hose with diameter 38 mm....
27.51 лв.

Flexible vacuum head

Made of flexible plastic to adapt to the different shapes and angles of swimming pools. With wheels and side brushes. For vacuum hose with diameter...
27.51 лв.

Vacuum head, aluminium

Very robust. Supplied with 4 wheels, brushes, and internal balast. Length 33 cm or 45 cm. Attachment by clip.
56.74 лв.

Vacuum head with side brushes

Made of rigid plastic with brushes located in different directions to ensure good scraping in any direction. For vacuum hose with diameter 38 mm....
20.63 лв.

Triangular vacuum head

Made of rigid plastic with lower brushes. For liner or polyester pools. For vacuum hose with diameter 38 mm. Attachment by clip.
22.35 лв.

Leaf Skimmer

Made of plastic with the mesh inserted into the frame during the injection process to ensure maximum strength. Attachment by clip.
13.76 лв.

Algae brush, stainless steel

High grade stainless steel algae brush, very effective for cleaning of the walls of the swimming pool or spa. Straight shaped, long 26 cm....
15.47 лв.

Brush with aluminium back, Deluxe

Brush for the walls and bottom of pool with aluminium back. Curved edges one, long 45 cm. Attacment by clip.
15.47 лв.


Plastic brush for the walls and bottom of pool. The straight shaped brush is long 26 cm while the curved edges one is long 45 cm. Attachment by clip.
10.32 лв.