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Building materials

Building materials for laying out finish.

Image Item Name- Price
Waterproofing cement mortar

Two component flexible cement mortar for waterproofing. Suitable for drinking water applications. Mixing ratio - 25 kg (1 bag) component A, 8 l (1...
82.08 лв.

Waterproofing cement mortar COVERFLEX

Two component elastoplastic cement mortar for waterproofing. Applicable with roll, brush or trowel. Mixing ratio - 25 kg (1 bag) component A, 10...
324.00 лв.

Ceramic tiles adhesive K2 - 25 kg bag

White non-slip cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiles. Mixing ratio - 25 kg adhesive, 8 l water. Consumption - 2.5 - 3 kg per sq.m. depending on the...
57.60 лв.

Glass mosaics adhesive K55 - 25 kg bag

High performance non-slip white cementitious adhesive with long curing time for installing mosaics in interiors and exteriors. Suitable for swimming...
142.56 лв.

Synthetic latex for improving adhesion - 20 kg

White synthetic low-viscosity latex in aqueous form, resin-based, used as a universal additive for improving their elasticity, adhesion, chemical...
142.56 лв.

Grout mixture - 25 kg bag

Used for grouts 1-4 mm, waterproof. Consumption 0.5 - 1.5 kg/m
80.64 лв.

Liquid additive for grout mixtures - 20 kg

Synthetic latex in aqueous dispersion. Total substitute for water. The liquid additive improves the characteristics of the finished grout work. In...
129.60 лв.

Waterproofing band

Complete waterproofing system designed specifically for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchens, terraces, etc. Used for...
151.20 лв.